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Provide customers with the most suitable interior design solutions and decoration engineering services

Flatastic Home is a professional interior design and decoration design company, Provide one-stopprofessional interior designservices, formulation of suitable solutions, decoration engineering, custom-made furniture services and after-sales service. On the premise of meeting customer needs, we listen carefully to customer requirements and formulate appropriate solutions, such as humanized custom furniture and interior design layout that meets living habits And the style that meets the customer's preferences is used as the basis for the design effect. With high-quality service and professional attitude, every customer can get a professional, high-quality, honest and reliable service experience.

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Measurement Service

Professional scale masters go to the house to collect unit data records


Book an Designer

Make an appointment with an interior designer to discuss content


Drawing Design

Draw a suitable and exclusive interior design drawing for you 



The decoration team will carry out the decoration project


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Designed with versatility in mind to match the style of your living unit

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Interior Design Process

interior design品飾家居登記家居登記家居設計服務

Interior Design Service

interior design品飾家居登記家居了解裝修需求及分析

Understand decoration needs and analysis

interior design品飾家居登記家居制定合適方案

Make a suitable plan

interior design品飾家居登記家居裝修工程及定制傢私

Renovation works and custom furniture

interior design品飾家居登記家居設計售後服務

After-Sales Service

Interior design/decoration knowledge articles

The porch is also called the foyer, and the porch is the position between the entrance of the house and the main hall or living room. The purpose is to let people go from outside to …

Formaldehyde, also known as formaldehyde, is a naturally occurring volatile organic compound, and formaldehyde itself is an irritating colorless gas...

Interior Design/Renovation Engineering/Custom Furniture

We provide professional and suitable interior design and decoration services for customers!

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Interior Design Decoration Design Works


The indoor usable area is 484 feet, and the original design has insufficient light.

In addition to aging, the renovation 20 years ago cannot keep up with the progress and usage habits of modern people, so it needs to be refurbished Plan it out.


A small unit with an indoor salable area of 467 feet, and a building height of only 2.4 meters. There is a young couple and a little boy living in this HOS house.

There are many aspects to consider in a small unit, such as storage, the size of furniture, etc. After discussing and communicating with the owner, it was decided to highlight the function and see the whole house at a glance.


The indoor usable area is a small unit of 418 feet. Fortunately, the building height is close to 2.9 meters.

Japanese-style interior design fully provides the space with multi-purpose functionality, In addition to providing a large amount of storage space in the tatami floor cabinet, the natural tatami mat can purify the indoor air

More Q&A about interior design

Interior Design is a form of design that focuses on the people who inhabit the space. It requires knowledge of engineering technology, as well as artistic theory and skills. It generally refers to any related objects built indoors, including: walls, windows, curtains, doors, surface treatment, materials, lighting, air conditioning, water and electricity, and environmental control systems. , audiovisual equipment, furniture and decoration planning, these are also interior design.

The porch is a buffer between the entrance of the house and the main hall, so its area does not have to be very large, and it can also be based on the private requirements of the residents. Design a unique entrance grid according to your own preferences and original home style, because entrance design There are also different ways and styles, and more different types of entrance design will be discussed below, including Modern Nordic style , Japanese style and so on.

We will go to the site of the unit to formulate a suitable interior design plan for the unit and determine whether the floor plan of the unit is accurate, refer to the simulated 3D renderings, and finally determine the interior design plan again and provide quotations for various projects

Welcome to contact us for interior design planning for your house, and our experienced engineering team will work together to create a better residential living experience for customers and truly taste the joy of life. We, Flatastic, are Hong Kong interior design company, providing professional one-stop interior design and decoration design services.

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