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Old HOS Garden

The indoor usable area is 484 feet, and the original design has insufficient light.

In addition to aging, the renovation of 20 years ago cannot keep up with the progress and Use habits, so you need to re-plan.


Renovation of Le Ya Yuan

A small unit with an indoor salable area of 467 feet, and a building height of only 2.4 meters. There is a young couple and a little boy living in this HOS house.

There are many aspects to consider when interior design of a small unit, such as storage, furniture size and so on. After discussing and communicating with the owner, it was decided to highlight the function and see the whole house at a glance.


Wong Tai Sin Public House

The indoor usable area is a small unit of 418 feet. Fortunately, the building height is close to 2.9 meters.

Japanese-style decoration design fully provides multi-purpose functionality for the space. In addition to providing a large amount of storage space, the tatami floor cabinets , natural tatami mats can purify indoor air

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