Entrance Introduction

Table of contents

    1. What is the entrance for?
    2. Different styles of porch to improve residential space
    3. Provide customized porch design to create proper functions

What is the entrance for?

The porch is also called the foyer, and the porch is located between the entrance of the house and the main hall or the living room. There is a certain distance between the inside of the house and the outside of the house, and it can also make it difficult for the dust and bad smell outside the house to enter the entrance of the house or even enter the main hall by opening the door. Some customers who pay attention to Feng Shui also have different requirements for the decoration, design, and direction of the entrance, such as "opening the door to see evil spirits", "dark treasury" and so on.

To clarify, we are not mainly talking about feng shui, but to remind friends who are very concerned about feng shui issues and plan to renovate, they must first invite a feng shui master to check the feng shui situation of the house, and Put forward layout requirements, and then pass them on tointerior designThe engineer should carry out the design again, otherwise the design plan will only be revised and revised, delaying the construction period and wasting the time of all parties.

People who live in Hong Kong, everyone knows that the living area in Hong Kong is not very large. If you want to add an entrance between the living room and the door, will the space become smaller? Is it more detailed? I believe that people who live in Hong Kong residences and want to add additional entrance spaces will also have this question. In fact, there is no need to worry too much about the smaller space, becauseEntrance designThere are also different methods and styles, and more different types will be mentioned belowentrance design.

Different styles of porch to improve residential space

It was also mentioned just now that the entrance is a buffer between the entrance of the house and the main hall, So its area does not have to be very large,At the same time, it can also be used according to the private requirements of the guests. Design a unique porch grid according to your own preferences and original home style,I will also provide severalDesign casefor your reference,Hope one of them is just right for you.

Modern Style


Log Style


When designing the entrance, you can also put shoes and chairs into the plan, from the above two styles you can see There are many types of shoe chairs in different sizes, designs, and styles. If you find a shoe chair in the entrance to take up space, have different styles, and block the way, then you can choose some mobile shoe chairs. According to the space size of the entrance Choose a long or small bench. In addition, the entrance cabinet next to the bench can also hollow out the lower area to place a mobile shoe-wearing chair. This can free up space in the entrance, which is convenient and does not take up too much space.


Modern Nordic and retro Japanese styles both use storage cabinets to solve the problem of entrance storage. The modern Nordic style is to use a built-in suspended shoe cabinet. The advantage of this design is that there will be a place for slippers under the cabinet. Some decorations can also be placed above the cabinet, such as plants, paintings, etc. The same wooden floor is laid on the ground and other spaces to make the whole porch more integrated and unified. The second type of cabinet is a floor-to-ceiling storage cabinet that can provide a lot of space for residents to store items. This kind of storage cabinet can also be slightly changed: for example, the retro Japanese-style storage cabinet adopts a suspended design at the bottom, so that a small amount of space can be freed up for placing shoes or other small furniture.

In factinterior designStyles can be varied, but the center of the design should revolve around the hobbies, living habits, etc. of the members of the house, and then integrate various factors into the design plan.

Provide customized porch design to create proper functions

Modern houses are getting thinner,Plus the common open restaurant design,Order Many people feel that they cannot add a porch to their home,but you can Through our customized planning and configuration,No matter the size of the entrance, your favorite style, or the function support when entering and exitingEntry cabinet design,The focus is on the consideration of the decoration, and it can be tailored for you,I hope that the entrance can bring you a comfortable experience every time you go out/come home.

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