Old HOS Garden


Table of contents

    1. Basic information and design concept
    2. Dining room
    3. kitchen
    4. Bathroom
    5. Bedroom
    6. Master Room

Basic information and design concept:

Designer: ANGUS SO
Address: Caiyi Garden
Unit interval: 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen and 1 toilet

The wooden furniture and floor of the old house are darker in tone, and only simple ceiling lamps are installed on the ceiling, so it still feels that the indoor light is not ideal when combined with natural lighting.

There are a lot of shoe boxes and sundries piled up in the passageway of the gate, and there are no suitable seats, which makes it inconvenient for residents to enter and exit.

The god of the earth against the wall in the living room is placed on the ground, and it is inevitable that there will be collisions when the residents in the house move around.

The eldest son of the owner will move by himself, so the younger sons will stay in this house together, and the room must be considered as a working space.

Outside the window of the bathroom is a place to dry clothes. Except that the original design is blocked by the washbasin cabinet, in case of rainy days, the clothes can only be hung on the bed frame in the living room.

Although the original design of the kitchen is complete with electrical appliances and functions, the workbench is too thin to be conducive to the hostess's cooking.

In addition to aging, the renovation 20 years ago cannot keep up with the progress and usage habits of modern people, so it needs to be refurbished Interior design planning.

Original living and dining room:
Renovate the living room:
Original Kitchen:
Remodeling the kitchen:
Original Bathroom:
Original bathroom:
Original bedroom:
Renovate the bedroom:
The original master room:
Renovate the master bedroom:

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