Decoration design, appointment service

Measurement Service

We will invite professional scale masters to come to the house to measure the scale and collect different data records inside and outside the unit.


Make an appointment with a designer

Make an appointment with a designer to discuss interior design direction, color matching, style, etc.

Drawing Design

Draw an interior design drawing based on the data or records of the unit you live in and match your preferences

interior design品飾家居繪畫設計圖
裝修對比-interior design品飾家居


Renovation workers will come to start the renovation, and interior designers will be present to supervise the progress of the project.

Custom Furniture

Knowing the various needs and considerations of different customers, we will provide the most professional furniture and design solutions, and use the multifunctional design concept to match the style of your living unit.

interior design品飾家居傢俬定制

Other Service

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