Decoration service process

interior design品飾家居登記家居登記家居設計服務


Register for Home Design Services

At this stage is the beginning of the whole interior design service, we will ask you for Your residence unit, contact method, applicant and other basic information. In order to facilitate our door-to-door service for your unit, we will give the information to the master of the scale, and the master will record the information of the entire unit. For example: building height, electrical system, window sill, corridor, elevator, kitchen, etc. are recorded with photos.

interior design品飾家居登記家居設計服務
interior design品飾家居服務了解需求及分析icon


Understand needs and analysis

When you complete the information registration in the above stages and have the data of the master scale master, you can make an appointment to visit the showroom and interior design Teacher communicates face to face. The designer will understand your interior details such as style, color tone, and room combination through interviews. After clearly defining the service details, the designer will make suggestions and analysis for your ideas, which can reduce the time for communication between the two parties.

interior design品飾家居登記家居了解裝修需求及分析


Make a suitable plan

We will go to the unit site to formulate a suitable design plan for the unit and determine whether the unit floor plan is accurate. Refer to the simulated 3D rendering , and finally confirm the design plan again and provide quotations for various items, and you need to pay for the service order. After completing the above process, start to make construction drawings to the decoration company. After confirming the information of the construction project, we do not recommend you to make any modifications and pay 50% of the project cost.

interior design品飾家居登記家居裝修工程及定制傢私


Renovation works and custom furniture

There is a professional decoration engineering team to carry out the decoration project, and there will be a special person in charge of the entire project during the project supervision to ensure the progress and quality of the project. In the early stage of the project, there will be the first acceptance, you need to pay 40% of the project fee and assist us in the production and placement of customized furniture. When the furniture is moved to the unit and placed in a suitable location, you have to pay 10% of the end of the project and check whether the project is satisfactory.

interior design品飾家居登記家居設計售後服務


After-Sales Service

After the completion of the project, we will provide you with a series of continuous after-sales services, such as engineering, furniture custom archiving, repair and maintenance, and will take care of the needs of different stages, different ages, the layout of the room, The requirements of the application are different, so modifications are made.

Service Process FAQ

Generally, the measuring master takes about 60 minutes to collect the building height, electrical system, window sills, beams, corridors, elevators, kitchens, bathrooms, gates, etc. and record them with photos.

Our company has an independent showroom in Kwun Tong/Mong Hei to meet with our interior designer to exchange preliminary design directions, For example, family member combination, room group, design style, color preference, floor/tile color scheme, wall color scheme, etc. Wait.

It takes two weeks for a construction drawing. After the construction drawing is signed and confirmed, we do not recommend that you make any changes to ensure that the construction process will not be delayed or there will be additional costs.

Our professional engineering team will be responsible for hydropower, muddy water, paint, and carpentry projects, and there will be special personnel in charge of project supervision to ensure the monitoring of project progress and quality. Assist in the production of customized furniture, such as base cabinets, wall cabinets, wardrobes, floor cabinets, cabinets, bathroom mirror cabinets, etc.

Repair and maintenance services include water and electricity, hardware, furniture, lighting, walls and so on. We will provide continuous after-sales service, such as archiving of water/electric pipe construction drawings, post-processing/furniture customization, etc., and will take care of your needs at different stages, such as young children entering the youth stage, and the needs of the room. Adjusted configuration award changes.

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